• added: unload-attribute (Item-Tag) for class=”tPlug”, 0 = don’t unload, 1 = unload plugin if not visible
  • added: data-counter support for HTC Diamond
  • added: imagealt-tag for slide=”1″ (testing)
  • added: provide a custom Name for Storage (SD) by adding the registryvalue MemoryPath under BatteryStatus-Key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Today\Items\BatteryStatus e.g. MemoryPath = “Internal Memory”
  • fixed: scroll-animation for vga devices
  • fixed: stop slide-animation before switching views
  • fixed: landscape/portrait-switching while in options-dialog
  • changed: keep cpu-utilization reading in taskbar active even if main-reading isn’t visible
  • changed: modified waiting for window to close (TaskManager)

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