• fixed: refresh views after theme reload
  • fixed: crop too long title-names in TaskList
  • fixed: changing of homezone-icon in case it’s of type=”icon”
  • reworked: Homezone for UMTS (complete reworked)
  • added: awareness of unicode-sms
  • added: use ‘M’ for SD-Memory if Width of label fits
  • changed: unlimited Items with class=”date” allowed
  • changed: removed limitation of 150 for Items with path=”…”
  • changed: extended label for mobile operator item to 14 characters

2 Thoughts on “BatteryStatus Advanced 1.05.147 build 0330 released

  1. josondai on August 7, 2008 at 5:33 am said:

    get register Code?

  2. Want to BatteryStatus Advanced 1.05.147 build 0330 released

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