The title should say enough :)

Ok. Let's start and see what are the results.

What are the pros?

Are there cons?

How to keep this potential feature consistent with available features?

For now i can sketch this:

  1. A today-plugin can be integrated as an Item (class=”tPlug“)
  2. The name of the Plugin MUST be given in title-attribute
  3. The plugin itself is considered an self-rendered label
  4. Because of (3) -> the type is defaulted to “value”
  5. Position and Height can be modified by attributes of label-tag
  6. In question: Width is adjusted automatically or can be set with width-attribute?

<Item class=”tPlug” title=”BatteryStatus” >
    <label left=”0″ top=”0″ height=”0″ />

That's it so far. Any suggestions?

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