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The Nominees for the Best Software Award 2007 have been announced by Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine, that is the preliminary list isn’t preliminary any longer… and guess… yes a project of mine is still nominated 😉
As of writing these lines, BatteryStatus Advanced (the code-base is build on top of BatteryStatus Free) is on the list and therefore nominated for this Award in the category “Today information plug-ins”.
I’ve seen a lot of today-plugins released 2006/2007 with novel and/or innovative ideas and by great and enthusiastically developers, so it’s a great honor BatteryStatus being nominated 🙂

Maybe some background/history about BatteryStatus could fit in here. Project BatteryStatus started end of 2006. At this time i got my prophet and after some time of playing with i missed a bunch of less but quite useful functions, hence i started a very very small today-plugin for these quite handy functions. Then with great help of and in collaboration with which by and by got to a source of innovative and brilliant ideas, BatteryStatus got more and more functions and now there is an Advanced version with fully customization support by state-of-the-art xml-application and multi-language support and more … (and i got a lot of much appreciated online contacts too 😉 ).

There were some simple and hopefully reasonably design principles since starting of BatteryStatus Free (in consideration of embedded systems with less system resources). Some of them are a small footprint, less usage of system resources by using notifications or avoiding unnecessary/redundant codepaths and so on. In fact even the advanced versions dll is occupying about 128 kB of memory only (regardless of runtime resources of stack/heap..). I didn’t and don’t want BatteryStatus taking 1MB or more memory only for some simple and useful things.
The advanced version is about to get from development beta status to a shareware version and we will see what comes next on stage hehe

In short: i’m very glad about Batterystatus being nominated for this award 🙂

Of course there is much more i could write about BatteryStatus, but .. maybe you should try it and see what community collaboration could create..

Great news i’ve seen at Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine (a well known and popular magazine for ppc scene). BatteryStatus Free (a freeware project of mine) and BatteryStatus Advanced (a project of mine too) have been listed on the preliminary list for the nominees for “Best Software Award 2007” in the category Today-screen Plug-in 🙂

Well let’s see what comes next and for the time being head over to and have a look at what’s going on there.

Falls jemand von euch ein XDA Neo (HTC Prophet) besitzt und noch ein kleines Plugin benötigt, um den Batteriezustand anzuzeigen, für den könnte “BatteryStatus” interessant sein. Zusätzlich startet es die “Gerätesperre”, wenn der XDA Neo aufwacht und falls ihr mutig seid… könnt ihr damit den Prozi etwas übertakten (Benutzung auf eigenes Risiko !!!). Es läuft bei mir jetzt seit geraumer Zeit stabil und ich denke, das es eines der Anwendungen ist, die andere sicherlich auch brauchen können 🙂

BatteryStatus for XDA Neo (Windows Mobile 5)