Environs has been accepted for a workshop at the Interact 2015 conference in Bamberg for publication, 15.th September 2015.

–> Interact 2015 conference
–> Workshop on Fostering Smart Energy Applications

Dang, Chi-Tai, Masoodian, M., and André, E., 
Private Focus Portals to Shared Energy Visualizations. 
Adjunct Conference Proceedings of INTERACT 2015, 
INTERACT Workshop on Fostering Smart Energy Applications, 
FSEA 2015 (Bamberg, Germany, 15 September),
University of Bamberg Press, To appear.

The first part of a tutorial on howto conceptualize, design, and realize a simple chat application using the Environs framework has been written and published: -> ChatApp Tutorial

This may only of interesest to you if you’re a (n interaction) designer.. However, … first part done… :D