With the release of version 0.9.1, Environs underwent major changes again mainly gets reflected through changed names for windows dlls:

  • The windows .NET layer dropped the C# code and moved to CPP/CLI in order to use the same code as for the CPP API
  • Added SetIsUIAdapter to DeviceList. If true, then all list modifications are dispatched to the UI thread. This option is set to true automatically depending on the initialization of a DeviceList object. Client code may set this option appropriately at any time.
  • Threading in platform layer has been improved to use worker threads and queues for notifications, list updates, etc.
  • Notification handling in platform layer has been improved.
  • Communication with Mediator services has been optimized.
  • Support for Surface 1 tabletop SDK has been dropped.

Overall, there are only three code bases for the thin platform layer in C++, Objective-C and Java. The C++ native core layer can be compiled for all platforms, e.g. Windows native, Windows .Net (C++/Cli), Linux, OSX, or iOS.

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