Environs version 0.9.4 has been released which focus mainly on bug fixes and memory usage optimizations of native layer and platform layers. The most important changes are:

  • * Updated: Android Environs build gradle to use support library version 22
  • * Updated: ChatApp Windows (invalidate messageslist if the related device vanished)
  • * Fixed: Lock bug in AsyncWorker
  • * Added: Toggle Acceptor of Mediator Daemon (j)
  • * Added: Receive of certificates (during handshake) in chunks
  • * Fixed: DeviceBase check for invalid certificate (size)
  • * Updated: ChatUser Windows
  • * Updated: Management of platform ARC references (iOSX)
  • * Updated: CPP CLI log layer with StringBuilder
  • * Fixed: ARC issue of DeviceInstance (using autoreleasepool for vanished/appeared list)
  • * Updated: Tcp/Bulk listeners in DeviceBase
  • * Updated: Lock usage in Mediator client layer
  • * Updated: Windows Mediator local network adapter detection

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