Environs version 0.9.5 has been released which focus low memory footprint of native and platform layers. The most important changes are:

  • * Updated: Notification loop handling in platform layers
  • * Changed: Removed NewStringUTF from Android layer with externally originating strings. NewStringUTF crashes unrecoverable on some devices and on some not …
  • * Added: SetMessagesSubscription/GetMessagesSubscription to Mediator layer
  • * Added: SetMediatorNotificationSubscription/GetMediatorNotificationSubscription to Mediator layer
  • * Added: Size check in TcpListener/BulkListener of DeviceBase before refactoring the heap located receive buffer
  • * Updated: BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray for Android ChatApp (creates high cpu load which never drops)
  • * Added: ERR_remove_state to cleanup crypto resources on error
  • * Added: ENABLE_DONT_LINGER_SOCKETS to native layer
  • * Updated: Threading in Android layer DeviceList/DeviceInstance updates/notifications
  • * Updated: Handling of spare sockets in MediatorDaemon
  • * Added: PreDispose and PrepareRemovalOfAllDevices to native layer (Cancel all device activities in advance before we actually wait for them to finish one after another)
  • * Updated: iOSX ARC disposal of DeviceInstance
  • * Updated: DeviceInstance update notification control using static flag (DeviceInstance.notifyPropertyChangedDefault)
  • * Updated: CPP API / CLI layer to provide non-UI device lists

Have a look at the CHANGELOG.md for an exhaustive list of changes.

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