Environs version has been released with improvements on stability and performance.

  • Updated: Stunt progress notifications
  • Changed: Stunt thread from select to poll
  • Changed: Main communication to comdat channel
  • Fixed: Sync of broadcast update counter in mediator layer
  • Fixed: Bug in Devicelist update of apparea in mediator layer
  • Updated: Mediator server notify thread to check send ready before going into blocking call
  • Changed: Naming of main to interact and bulk to comDat channel
  • Updated: Mediator client mediator list reload (if list has been cleared)
  • Updated: VanishedDeviceWatcher in Mediator layer
  • Added: Using Winsock in Core
  • Changed: Core listener to single thread instance
  • Added: Logging of failed sends to derive alive status of clients in Mediator server
  • Updated: CloseListener in DeviceBase
  • Updated: DevicesCacheRebuild in Mediator client layer
  • Added: Alivethread suspend phase before reconnect to mediator server
  • Reworked: Stunt queue in Mediator client and server
  • Updated: Mediator server thread usage
  • Added: handleID to Threads.cpp for Win32
  • Added: Check for disposal in DeviceList updater of MediatorClient
  • Updated: PreDispose (WinSock) in cli layer
  • Fixed: Sync-bug in Android DeviceList
  • Reworked: Restart of Broadcast thread (in error cases)

Have a look at the CHANGELOG.md for an exhaustive list of changes.

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