Environs version has been released with improvements on performance and scaleability of Mediator layer (client and server).

  • Updated: Mediator client send thread for winsock
  • Added: Mediator client send thread
  • Updated: Mediator client response handling with a map for multiple concurrent requests
  • Updated: Timeouts at Mediator client layer
  • Fixed: Mediator server client thread assignment
  • Changed: Win32 Crypt layer using separate AES enc/dec lock
  • Fixed: UdpSocket non-block option of Core
  • Added: Lock to list access in Echo.Bot and Simple.Console
  • Updated: Threads.cpp for EnvLock and EnvSignal
  • Fixed: Release crypt and reinitialize in Core

Have a look at the CHANGELOG.md for an exhaustive list of changes.

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