Environs version has been released with a complete rework of stunt connection establisher in Mediator layer so as to enable concurrent ongoing stunts. As part of this, the mediator protocol changed to V8. Unfortunately, sequential stunts as used in prior protocol versions conflicts with the new concurrent stunt approach. Hence stunt connections for earlier protocol versions are not supported anymore by our public mediator service. (However, feel free to build and use your own mediator server with earlier revisions of Environs if for any reason you still need that functionality).

  • Added: Mediator server use cached decrypt key
  • Added: Mediator layer high priority queue
  • Fixed: Bug in stunt channel establisher
  • Updated: Mediator client layer send thread usage
  • Reworked: Concurrent stunt implementation
  • Fixed: Bug in Mediator layer compress algorithm
  • Updated: Disposal of concurrent stunt sockets
  • Updated: Stunt locks
  • Updated: Code for concurrent stunt in mediator layer

Have a look at the CHANGELOG.md for an exhaustive list of changes.

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