Environs version 0.9.6 has been released which focus on stability, performance, and low memory footprint for long running (>> 24h) apps:

  • Reworked: MediatorListener in Mediator client layer
  • Updated: ChatApp OSX protocol (request text before image)
  • Updated: SetDebug/GetDebug of Environs object
  • Added: KeyEvent handler to osx layer
  • Updated: usage of weak pointer in DeviceBase
  • Fixed: Bug in message notifications (using correct source type)
  • Added: (Fix for mediator responses) Padding to DeviceInfo
  • Fixed: Bug in MediatorDaemon where missing areaMaps lead to failing of registration of new clients
  • Updated: Usage of objID in native layer and platform layer for DeviceInstance
  • Updated: Observer notification handling in platform layer
  • Added: objID to DeviceInstance objects
  • Added: Use of lock callback in crypt layer
  • Updated: MediatorDaemon protocol for short messages
  • Renamed: GetDeviceList to CreateDeviceList (Environs object)
  • Added: async flag to Environs object (platform layer)
  • Added: Using host part of IP for deviceID generation (if its set to 0)
  • Updated: Disposal of FileInstance / MessageInstance of DeviceInstance
  • Fixed: Bug in DeviceList updating where device updates leak temporary device instances

Have a look at the CHANGELOG.md for an exhaustive list of changes.

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