BatteryStatus is now HomeScreen++UI or HomeScreen PlusPlus UI !!!

Installer of HomeScreen++ handles a previous installation of BatteryStatus automatically. Just intall the new cab!!

  • fixed: add exception to taskmanager
  • added: first working version of View-Switching for up to 3 Views, View0 (index/subindex), View1 (index_1/subindex_1), View2 (index_2/subindex_2), e.g. <Item .. ontap=”View” index=”0″ subindex=”1″ index_1=”1″ subindex_1=”1″ index_2=”2″ subindex_2=”1″ >
  • added: actiontype for “Do Nothing”, ontap=”DoN” or ontap=”DoNothing”
  • fixed: static selected item with slide=”1″
  • added: left/right-gesture for View-switching

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