BatteryStatus is now HomeScreen++UI or HomeScreen PlusPlus UI !!!

Installer of HomeScreen++ handles a previous installation of BatteryStatus automatically. Just intall the new cab!!

  • changed: do nothing on tap of empty area (area with no Item beneath)
  • added: actiontype for SoftReset ( ontap=”SoftReset” )
  • added: top/down-gesture
  • added: round incoming calltimes in options
  • added: Language-IDs 1603 (Outgoing), 1604 (Incoming) for “Round CallTimes” (HSLanguage Updated)
  • added: log missed calls to CallTimes.xml
  • removed: default startapp of mobile operator (starting of commanager)
  • fixed: Allow up to 255 Views and up to 255 Rows
  • fixed: Update Region for selmode=”x”
  • added: attribute (in View-Tag) for extending “Reach”/”UpdateRegion” of a View, e.g. extend=”6″ for 6 pixels.
    This is particularly for sliding Views that have Items which are oversized if selected,
    that is they overlap with adjacent Views.
    Don’t extend a View if it’s not needed, because it could reduce render performance

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