BatteryStatus is now HomeScreen++UI or HomeScreen PlusPlus UI !!!

Installer of HomeScreen++ handles a previous installation of BatteryStatus automatically. Just intall the new cab!!

  • added: switching up to 5 Views simultaneously (using index/index_1/../index_5 respectively subindex)
  • added: ontap=”Message” (Send a message to a window),
    param: path-attribute has the windows’ class name
    param: title-attribute has the windows’ title (Optional)
    param: msg-attribute has the numeric window message
    param: index-attribute has the numeric wParam
    param: subindex-attribute has the numeric lParam (Optional)

    e.g. ontap=”Message” path=”HHTaskBar” msg=”1156″ index=”2″ (Send msg=1156 to Taskbar-Window with wParam=2 – Set Vibra Mode)
    ontap=”Message” path=”HHTaskBar” msg=”1156″ index=”0″ (Set Normal Sound Mode)
    ontap=”Message” path=”HHTaskBar” msg=”1156″ index=”3″ (Set Silent Mode)

2 Thoughts on “HomeScreen PlusPlus UI Edition (formerly BatteryStatus Advanced) 1.06.343 build 0343 released

  1. not working with Manila (TouchFlo 2d) on HTC Touch.

  2. of course it does not work lol..
    do some more research and you’ll know why ;)

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