• added: command-sequence for command-queue seperate by a ‘;’, e.g. 1;1;1
  • added: increase priority of gestures for last/first view of a row (only if animate > 100) to animate left-to-right if it’s the first view of a row or right-to-left if it’s the last view of a row
  • grab a copy – Download

2 Thoughts on “HomeScreen PlusPlus UI Edition (formerly BatteryStatus Advanced) 1.06.349 build 0349 released

  1. Thanks Chi-tai, I’m happy to see a new version of HS ++ :D

  2. z_zyong on March 16, 2009 at 2:27 pm said:

    A favorite software. Has many functions I need.
    While, when the ppc exits standby state, can HS++ auto set the cpu into appointed lowest frequency? because at the moment the ppc goes into standby state, its cpu is possibly at very high frequency. (I have seen the FAQ “Could you make the cpu clock down while it is in standby”)
    Thanks very much.

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