Raulka a user from xda-developers has released an updated Floyd 2.3 theme over there at xda-developers.com!


  • v2.2 – Unit of PowerDrain, Temperature and CPUSpeed are switchable with a click and hold on these buttons. Two new clock types. Fingerfriendly bottom menu (just in “Full” versions) with 5 page: TodayAgenda – Alarm,Memory,Backlight – 28 (4×7) .png launcher icons (VGA: 96×96 pixels, QVGA: 48×48) with .lnk links – Quick handwrite notes – BSWeather with two City.
  • v2.3 – Changed “Full” versions only: beautiful leafable today calendar plugin integrated with month view, reduced Pocket Alarm field and Backlight icon went to launcher icons tab.

Head over to xda-developers.com and check out Raulkas Floyd theme.

One Thought on “HomeScreen PlusPlus UI Theme: Floyd 2.3

  1. bourgade on March 12, 2009 at 1:56 pm said:

    i love your theme and i would like to download it

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