Raulka a user from xda-developers has released an updated Floyd 2.1 theme over there at xda-developers.com!


  • VGA sized beautiful graphics
  • 5 types of clocks (change with Floyd’s toggle button)
  • 4 types of icons (change with Floyd’s toggle button)
  • 4 types of buttons (change with Floyd’s toggle button)
  • Almost every icons/labels have ontap and/or onhold function
  • Working with programs like: TodayAgenda, Inesoft Phone 4 (theme toggles pairing with Inesoft’s call history and speed-dialer programs. I think these are the best ), MVBklight (with this you can configure the theme’s backlight setting toggle button very easy), Exmsoft Pocket Alarm v2.1 (I like this alarm prog, with 5 setting time, all days of week etc..)

Head over to xda-developers.com and check out Raulkas Floyd theme.

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