Since my next device will be an xda diamond (i guess) where Today-Plugins can’t be used together with TouchFlo 3D -> i’ve release a very early alpha version of SecondToday.
An application that behaves like the default-todayscreen. This way you can use e.g. TouchFlo 3D and all your today-plugins (wrapped by SecondToday) or use it to test today-plugins.

Tap and Hold on a free window area will open the settings-dialog!!!

Project: SecondToday

Feedback, Bug Reports, Suggestions are welcome at discussion-forum

I can’t really test it for VGA yet with my prophet, so.. if it is a useful program, then i guess there will be feedback

what does not work yet and i don’t know whether it will ever work are trayicons with SecondToday..

3 Thoughts on “SecondToday alpha 0.1 released

  1. prscott1 on June 25, 2008 at 2:42 am said:

    SecondToday works great for testing plugins! FYI – It doesn’t work so well when run from SD card; i had to keep deleting the .ini file to make it work again after I closed the app.

    One question/idea – is there anyway to make it run whatever is in windows/startup? or allow an executable or two after it launches? For example – dcinobar (hides the bottom bar) and toggletoday (hides the top bar).

  2. prscott1 on June 25, 2008 at 2:44 am said:

    Actually, i get the same errors from running in my program files folder – after using the app and then closing it all the way and try to reopen it – I get a initialization error so I delete the .ini to make it start up again. FYI.

  3. thanks for your feedback on SecondToday. Discussion-Thread (in support-forum) is now made public.

    There will be a new version soon. It should run without any problems on an sd-card.

    SecondToday was formerly called BatteryStatusTester because i’ve tested BatteryStatus with that application, therefore there was a lot of crazy testing-code (load/reload/create low memory situation and so on..) that i’ve removed to get SecondToday.

    Since SecondToday is not longer an engineering-tool but a productive application -> i will and some other functions for cloning the todayscreen.
    What comes next is the vertical-scrollbar and some performance improvements.

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